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Sweet & Spicy – Beef Jerky


The jerky business has seen some exciting recent decades likened to the craft beer movement. Dominant national producers gave way to more artisan styles, flavors and unique company offerings. Certainly, in convenience stores, you can find plenty run of the mill meat snack offerings but what is really great to see is small batch jerky companies that are unique and made with a lot more love. That is the story of KJRN (Kinda Jerky Really Nutty) products. Our beef products are top round, whole muscle cuts and contain no nitrates or preservatives. You get top quality cuts of meat combined with specialty spices and flavorings that result in real Jerky that is smoked to perfection.

Additional Information


3.5 OZ 


Gluten, Soy

Quality Recognition:

USDA inspection logo

We produce at a USDA Inspected Plant that has
to meet high food safety and quality standards.

Wholesale Pricing available for food service resellers. Please inquire.

Any other questions regarding Pretzelroni or other Abruzzi products? Email us directly: [email protected]

Shipping Disclaimer for Warm Weather Conditions

We prioritize the quality and freshness during the summer months, especially when faced with high temperatures.

To ensure that your order arrives in pristine condition, we have implemented specific shipping guidelines.

We offer ground services from our Pittsburgh location, guaranteeing delivery within one business day to select states. These states are highlighted on the map below. By limiting our shipping radius, we can minimize the risk of potential melting issues caused by prolonged transit times.

Alternatively, you have the option to choose our overnight shipping services. This guarantees the fastest delivery possible, ensuring your Lady Locks maintain their delightful shape and taste.

Please note that this shipping policy is in place to preserve the quality of our products, and we appreciate your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

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